Cosplayer Sosenka becomes Sam, Samsung’s viral assistant

Cosplayer Sosenka becomes Sam, Samsung's viral assistant

The internet has exploded this week upon meeting Sam, the new virtual “pet” of Samsung, the 3D model of a cute young girl who is supposed to become part of the brand’s image. Supposedly, because the truth is that Samsung has not made any statement in this regard, and the images of Sam (which quickly became viral on social networks) come not from Samsung, but from a publication by Lightform, the animation studio that created the character, as he explained HITC.

The publication of Lightform was deleted, and that’s it no sign of sam neither on the Lightform website nor on Samsung’s, who reiterate that they do not intend to replace Bixby, their current virtual assistant. Was this a scrapped collaboration between Samsung or Lightform, or was it not supposed to be announced yet?

We may not know it, but the truth is that the Internet has already adopted Sam, and a few hours after Sam’s images went viral, on May 31, the first fan arts and memes began to flourish. A few days later, the cosplays arrived. Today we bring you what is perhaps the most perfect cosplay of Samantha, from the cosplayer Sosenka.

Samsung Sam Cosplay Sosenka

Sosenka She is already an old acquaintance here, as we have highlighted more times her impressive work as one of the best cosplayers, mimicking all kinds of characters … even non-human ones.

Will we know more about Sam in the future, or will he remain a buried viral phenomenon with the passage of time? We are not sure if Samsung wants to continue with a character like Sam, especially when some of the fan content created around the character is not exactly very appropriate … But it is true that it has managed to attract the attention of the public by creating a close image and endearing that humanizes technology a bit.

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