Corey Feldman doesn’t think the sequel to The Goonies will ever be produced

Corey Feldman doesn't think the sequel to The Goonies will ever be produced

The Goonies is one of the undisputed classics of the eighties. The adventure movie took us through a tortuous network of caves where a group of friends tried to find the treasure of One-eyed willy, a legendary pirate that they say, kept a treasure in these caves. The film was a hit in the eighties, and it remains in the minds of fans, who have been waiting for a sequel for decades.

In fact, the possibility of a sequel to The Goonies It is a recurring theme that usually makes an appearance from time to time on the Internet. Fox’s serial attempt also made the hornet’s nest shake a few months ago, but it finally came to nothing when the series didn’t even see the light of day.

During an interview with Dread Central, the actor Corey feldman , who played “Largemouth“In the original 1985 film, he has expressed reasonable doubts about the possibility of a sequel to The Goonies seeing the light of day.

“We couldn’t do it without Richard Donner“Feldman commented,” and it looks like he wants Lethal Weapon 5 to be his swan song. “Director Richard Donner approached the Lethal Weapon 5 project at age 91, which makes Corey Feldman’s thoughts not too misguided. However, he made sure to clarify that the entire team would love it to happen, and that Chris Columbus is still working on a script for the sequel, although he does not know anything about him.

Do you think there will be a sequel to The Goonies, or is Corey Feldman really right?

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