A video of the canceled Call of Duty Warzone map, Ural Mountains, is leaked

A video of the canceled Call of Duty Warzone map, Ural Mountains, is leaked

It is obvious that in Call of Duty Warzone there are leaks, since its inception they have released things about the game in the form of images or publications through RRSS. But, as we can see in this video, it seems not, since a large part of the map has been canceled in this format. was going to be available in Warzone.

Before this commented video, the canceled map called Ural mountainsWe had only seen it in image leaks, so this is the first time we have seen it on video. Although not much can be distinguished by the watermarks galore, and the quality of itTake a look at what this map would look like.

The video, which before was in another source that has been deleted, gives us an 8 minute review of the Ural Mountains map in Call of Duty Warzone. You can see that it is unfinished, and that it still has things to finish and polish, but it is seen that this will be the highest quality level in which we see it in game at least.

The filtered map we have been able to know thanks to the publication by users of ResetEra, which the responses regret the cancellation of the map. It is true that it contained mechanics not available in Warzone, but it could have been implemented later in the game or with another game in the series.

But there is no use now regretting the addition that, presumably, will never be available in Call of Duty Warzone. We will only have to be content with this video of the canceled map of Ural Mountains.

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