A Lego set could have revealed one of the episodes of the series What If? by marvel

A Lego set could have revealed one of the episodes of the series What If?  by marvel

Tomorrow comes Disney Plus Loki, the series starring Tom Hiddleston as his iconic character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that promises to shake the hornet’s nest and generate a lot of game in the future of the MCU. But Loki might not be the strangest series of phase 4, at the end of summer will arrive What If …? the animated series inspired by the homonymous comics of alternate realities of the Marvel Universe.

In general, we already know some plots of some episodes of What If …?, Or at least some concepts of what we will see, but one of the sets of LEGO inspired by the Marvel series could have contributed another piece of information to one of the episodes.

It’s about a Iron Man LEGO with a style very similar to that of the Mark-44 Hulkbuster armor. A priori it might seem that it does not reveal much, until we read the name of the set, just below the age recommendation: “Tony Stark’s Saakarian Iron Man“.

The main theory that we handle, and we emphasize that it is a theory, is that instead of finding Hulk on SakaarAs happened in Thor: Ragnarok, we will find Tony Stark, who would have built this kind of armor in the style of the Hulkbuster with the components he got on the planet, and is ready to fight in the arena of the Great master. It would also imply some change at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, where it would be Tony Stark and not the Hulk who leaves in the quinjet (or some other way).

Whichever way it ends up there, what seems pretty certain is that we will see Tony Stark in Sakaar.

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