A fan shares her particular Tifa Lockhart cosplay in Final Fantasy VII Remake

A fan shares her particular Tifa Lockhart cosplay in Final Fantasy VII Remake

It is common for many fans of the saga Final fantasy Dress up as your favorite characters, as we are talking about one of the most popular video game franchises. Facing the imminent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade, a fan has shared her cosplay of one of the most beloved characters of this installment.

It’s about the user lettuceown, who through a Reddit post has shared his Tifa Lockhart cosplay, one of the key characters from Final Fantasy VII and its remake for PS4. Of course, you have not been the only person to do so, since Tifa is a very loved character by Final Fantasy fans, even though its design changed a lot with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Normally, these cosplay get the applause of the fan community … but it has not been the case of lettuceown. You can see the cosplay from the Reddit post itself, and also the comments, although at this time are disabled by the moderator of the web. As we have already said, it is about a cosplay based on the design of Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be the same as we will see in a few days in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5.

Reddit users note enough absences in the cosplay of this fan. While they praised the overall attire, the sports blouse, the skirt, or the hair, they did not take well the absence of the metal plates on Tifa’s gloves. Other fans suggest to lettuceown that they miss some of the weapons that Cloud’s partner uses.

Given the number of negative responses, Reddit moderator has blocked post comments, making it impossible for them to give their opinion on the matter. However, it is still possible to take a look at Tifa Lockhart’s cosplay in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which of course has not only received negative comments. What do you think?

Square Enix is ​​aware of Tifa’s popularity, and that is why he has included it numerous times in other of his games, such as Kingdom Hearts 2, Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. In addition, fans routinely share their Lockhart designs and cosplay in other titles, such as the romantic scenes in Fire emblem three houses or the fierce struggles of Tekken 7.

The next June 10th Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the PS5 version of Square Enix’s award-winning remake of the game, is coming to stores. This means that, most likely, Tifa’s lettuceown cosplay isn’t the only one we’ll see in the next few days. The fever for Final Fantasy has returned.

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