This LG 4K Smart TV works with nanoparticles that redefine color and costs 629 euros

This LG 4K Smart TV works with nanoparticles that redefine color and costs 629 euros

When you change TV, there are two things that you notice above all: the resolution and the color. And, although the resolution is what most attracts the attention of a new TV, color is also gaining prominence, with increasingly realistic, sharp and vibrant images.

Under this philosophy, this LG Smart TV with nanoparticles was born that redefine color, a rising technology with which you will experience the colors of your team like never before. Because now you can get an LG Smart TV with NanoCell technology for only 629 euros at Mediamarkt.

With this Smart TV from 43 inches you will enjoy your favorite content to the fullest by getting cinema images, as it offers you high performance thanks to its modern technologies.

Has a UltraHD 4K resolution that, together with his NanoCell technology, it guarantees you the purest and most amazing colors you have ever seen on a screen. In total, you have eight million pixels much sharper and more detailed, so the 4K experience of this smart TV pushes the limits. To all this is added the HDR10 Pro technology, which adjusts the brightness to enhance color and reveal every little detail in the image, providing sharpness and realism.

And it is that NanoCell technology makes use of nanoparticles to filter and redefine color, removing impurities from RGB wavelengths. In other words, only pure and accurate colors are displayed on the screen. The result? A more vibrant and realistic image that will bring your content to life.

This Smart TV also has a Filmmaker Mode, which turns off motion interpolation while preserving the original aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates. Thanks to this, the director’s original vision is accurately conveyed, so you can enjoy the movie as he intended.

Also includes a game optimizer mode that automatically adjusts image settings, optimizing graphics and visibility, so you can enjoy a better gaming experience, whatever the type.

As we are talking about a Smart TV, you can easily access the most recognized streaming applications, such as Disney +, Netflix, Apple TV and LG’s own app, LG Channels. Thus, you can view your favorite movies, series and games at a new level.

You can connect sound bars through your system Bluetooth to get a cinema experience, use the Magic Remote with AI built-in to more easily access your favorite content and dominate the device thanks to the voice commands, since it integrates the google assistant already Alexa.

A great Smart TV to live cinematic experiences at a new level and that costs you 629 euros At Mediamarkt, a pretty great price for such a smart and capable device that you will experience the colors of your team like never before.

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