This cosplayer “becomes” Sam, the Samsung character who has caused a sensation

This cosplayer "becomes" Sam, the Samsung character who has caused a sensation

A few days ago we told you about a new sensation on social networks: Samsung Girl. Last week a design was leaked for a supposed new Samsung virtual assistant nicknamed Sam, and for hours and hours the new character captured the attention of millions of users and there were even those who made their attempts to make their best cosplay of her.

Today we know that Sam is not a new virtual assistant, but that the designs we saw were possibly proposed for the new face of the character, which has a chatbot function for customer service. Even so, Sam has continued to grab the internet’s attention and memes, fanarts, and yes, cosplay too.

On this occasion, it was the Mexican cosplayer known as Nanatyx the one who has put himself in the skin of the character of Samsung. This cosplayer from Monterrey shared several images from her Twitter account, where she also shows other of her cosplays, with her version of Sam. Between the black Samsung polo shirt, the hair with a similar finish and the light lenses, the truth is that Nanatyx managed to become a real Sam of flesh and blood.

Sam’s design is relatively straightforward, as he wears jeans and a polo shirt and looks like a normal person, which has sparked so many cosplayers trying to get into character and create their own version.

Although it is possible that these Lightfarm for Samsung they do not finish curdling beyond an internal use for the company, there are already a good number of “tweeters” and users who are in love with Sam and who continue creating fanart of her … or trying to become her. What do you think of Sam’s Nanatyx cosplay? Would you like to see more versions of the character?

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