These are the Spider-Man and Iron Man Funkos that can only be found in Avengers Campus

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Last Friday it opened its doors in Disneyland, California the new thematic section of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Avengers Campus. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of superheroes at attractions such as Spider-Man’s Web Slingers or buy prohibitive $ 100 sandwiches, because one of the predispositions that one assumes when visiting a park of these characteristics is that “you are going to leave the rooms”.

But in addition to being able to leave your wallet eating at the Avengers Campus facilities, you can also find some Funko Pop! exclusive that you won’t find anywhere other than the park.

It is a figure Funko Pop! by Spider-Man with a Spider-bot trapped in one of his webs, and another of Iron Man, taking flight and ready for combat against anyone who does not want him 3000.

The Funko Pop! Exclusives tend to become the most prized collector’s items that collect these types of collectible figures.

Along with the discontinued and limited edition figures, the exclusive figures are the most difficult to find among Funko Pop! Collectors, causing their price to skyrocket until they reach authentic absurdities in some cases.

Funko Pop!  Iron Man exclusive to Avengers Campus

So now you know, if at any time you venture to the Avengers Campus and you can acquire one of these Funko Pop !, do not hesitate.

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