The secondary character of Friends who almost shared a flat with Rachel

Friends The Reunion already has a premiere date on HBO Max, with the six protas and many luxury guests: BTS, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber ...

Friends is one of the legendary series in television history, and with ten seasons behind it, it has left us a good string of memorable characters. The sitcom followed the escapades of a group of friends as they navigated through their twenties and thirties, their relationships, and different careers.

Today we know that the series could have been very different, since it was about to be canceled in season 4, and it was even about to have a very different name and opening … but it is also two characters secondary of Friends they almost came to have more prominence by having been able to be roommates of the protagonists.

When does it start Friends, Joey and Chandler are roommates and Rachel moves in with Monica. During the series, the protagonists often change rooms and partners and new situations are introduced, but at one point during season 6 Rachel was on the verge of moving in with Gunther, the manager of Central Perk.

James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther in the series, revealed a few years ago that the idea was considered, but that it did not finally catch on. “It didn’t seem like a natural development, not even to me. I was grateful that it didn’t work out in the end,” confessed the actor. “Although it wasn’t Jennifer’s fault, mine or the script. It just felt very forced and everything. happened on the show it was very organic. “

The fact that Gunther was in love with Rachel was one of the characteristics of the character, although Rachel did not discover her feelings until much later. It’s possible that the gag was worn down by showing the characters as well as roommates together, so while the decision resulted in less screen time for Gunther, it’s possible that the character came out better by not getting burned out.

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