The new Bend Studio game will run on Decima, Guerrilla’s engine, according to the latest rumors

A petition asking for Days Gone 2 explodes on the internet asking for a sequel

Bend Studio, a company belonging to PlayStation Studios rose to fame with the release of Days Gone on PS4 in 2019 and now it has reached PC. Since then, they have been commenting on the possible work carried out in the studio for the future, with a Days Gone 2, a new intellectual property and more among the options.

Many of you will remember the report a few weeks ago in which it was revealed that, supposedly, Bend Studio was no longer developing a zombie sequel and a few days ago it was confirmed that the company is working on a new open world IP, a game that could present notable changes from the beginning.

Unlike Days Gone, who used Unreal Engine 4 to portray Orgeon’s landscapes, the next Bend Studio project would use the Decima engine, which is already known for having been present in games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding and being associated with the developer Guerrilla Games.

Decima Engine already left a good taste in the mouth with these projects and it would be necessary to see what Bend Studio is capable of. Of course, as everything is, any choice in the development process can mean a change in the final product. The issue of graphics engines has been very present with the Unreal Engine 5 breakthrough, which has been seen in all its splendor.

However, this is just a rumor (via @ Onion00048 via David jaffe) so it will be necessary to wait to see if this information is truly confirmed. Meanwhile, there are already a few open fronts.

Many fans continue to gather signatures for Days Gone 2 to be developed and compared to other highly anticipated games, it has been learned that Horizon Forbidden West has been developed mainly on PS4.

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