The brutal figure of the Iron Man Mark 44 armor, the Hulkbuster, can now be reserved

The brutal figure of the Iron Man Mark 44 armor, the Hulkbuster, can now be reserved

One of the long-consummated events throughout the marvel comics and from the MCU movies is that Tony Stark manufactures armor at a blazing pace. Throughout the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man has sported a good number of suits with which to overcome any adversity, or he has directly operated them remotely to gain firepower. Not all Iron Man armor is stylish, some are sturdy, like the Hulkbuster.

Designed specifically to take on Hulk if necessary, the Mark-44 Hulkbuster is a powerful armor that can counteract, to some extent, the power of the alter ego of Bruce banner, so that you avoid turning the neighborhood into a catastrophic area. As we could see in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Now the people of Threezero gives us the opportunity to have in our showcase or shelf a 1:12 scale replica of the Hulkbuster Iron Man, with a spectacular level of detail and 65 points of articulation so that we can find the ideal pose.

With almost 29 centimeters tall, The figure of the Hulkbuster of Iron Man has several interchangeable hands and with the possibility of opening its interior to introduce the figure of the Mark-43 armor (sold separately). Its price will be $ 249.99, plus shipping and customs costs, of course, and it will start shipping from May 2022. The reservation of this figure is already available through Entertainment earth.

What do you think of this figure of the Mark-44 Hulkbuster armor from Iron Man?

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