The best Razer controller, now at half price: get a Razer Raiju Tournament for 74 euros

Razer's best professional controller, reduced to more than half: get a Razer Raiju TE for only 75 euros

If you are looking for a professional controller to play video games and give your rivals the beating of their lives, you’re in luck: Razer, one of the most important brands of gaming peripherals, has lowered its best controller to date, the Razer Raiju Tournament.

This command stands out for many reasons, one of which is that it is the first controller with its own mobile application. But there is more, much more in this command that usually exceeds 140 euros, but which can now be yours for only 74 euros.

This offer is a sweet treat because you are getting a very, very good command reduced to half the price. And it is that originally It cost 149.99 euros in stores like Amazon, but in PcComponentes you have it at 50%, so it costs you 74.97 euros.

And why do we recommend taking advantage of this offer? Because we talk about the first Bluetooth and wired controller that has its own mobile application. You can configure your remote from your phone from the reassignable multifunction buttons to the sensitivity adjustment options.

Dispose of machined touch buttons and patented by Razer. These buttons boast a unique combination of smooth touch and accurate feedback. Also has asymmetric joysticks, bringing together the best of PS4 and Xbox controllers, and four re-assignable multi-function buttons and quick-fire triggers that are activated with the Sensitive Trigger Mode.

Also you can choose between three connectivity options: PlayStation 4, Bluetooth and PC, so that synchronization when switching from one device to another is more efficient. Although you can also use its connection via USB-C cable.

A professional quality controller at a price that is impossible to resist. If you are looking for the best controller to play like a pro, don’t hesitate and take advantage of this offer to get the best Razer controller for less than 80 euros.

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