The battle between Valencia CF and DC Comics for Batman’s bat ends in an agreement … Not to mention Martha

Those responsible for The Flash continue to anticipate the inclusion of Michael Keaton

There are certain logos and icons that have dramatically crept into the cultural imagination and there is no one to move them. One of them is the bat, which fans of cinema and the world of comics surely associate with Batman Y Bruce wayne above anything else. However, and of course, DC comics aren’t the only ones to use a bat as an icon – even if they seem to want the exclusivity depending on who you ask.

Back in 2014 the confrontation between DC Comics and Valencia CF began for the use of the bat in the Mestalla club’s shield. Things seemed to calm down for a while but a new legal battle began in 2018 when the sports club wanted to register its new logo to celebrate the team’s centenary at the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

DC Comics objected to this registration because of the similarity between the anniversary logo and Batman’s, and throughout the process there were several awkward moments. One of the most talked about was when the representatives of the Valencia CF they commented to DC’s attorneys that “when the football club started using the bat in America, they were chasing bison,” referring to the club’s use of that icon since 1919, long before the superhero was created.

As reported Brand, the legal battle has already been resolved and the football club and the publisher have reached an agreement after 22 months of negotiations. According to this resolution, Valencia CF may use their club’s Centennial designs on all products except for fictional characters, so that in no case can his bat be confused with Batman’s.

What do you think of this whole thing? Do you think the agreement reached is adequate? Do you see DC’s demand justified?

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