Ryan Reynolds hints at his return as Deadpool with this photo

FC Zenit wins the Russian soccer league and Dzyuba collects his medal dressed as Deadpool

Disney’s purchase of Fox was big changes for the studio in terms of Marvel movies, especially for movie franchises that could be left hanging. We already know that the X-Men and the Fantastic 4 will go through a new treatment for their inclusion in the Marvel Studio Cinematic Universeyes … but there were other characters with whom the thing was not so clear.

After negotiations and months with the situation in suspense, it was finally confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be a reality and that it will be within the UCM. We still don’t know how that will happen, but the film is in development and has also found its writers. Of course, perhaps the third movie of the largemouth mercenary is more advanced than we might think.

At least, that is what could be understood if we trust a photo that has been shared Ryan reynolds on their Instagram stories. The actor who plays Wade wilson on the big screen he shared an image showing several travel bags on a coffee table. This wouldn’t be particularly remarkable if it weren’t for the fact that Deadpool’s mask clearly peeks out from one of the bags.

Theories have already begun to emerge, as there are those who read in this image that Reynolds was announcing that he was preparing to travel on the way to filming, or that the recording of Deadpool 3 it might even be in development already. Although of course, it could also be a trolley of those that Reynolds has us accustomed to, or even a wake-up call to raise the hype with the film, although it has not yet begun production.

In fact, a few months ago Kevin Feige Clarified that Deadpool 3 would not start filming yet, as “Ryan is a very busy and very successful actor. We have a number of things announced that we have to do now, but it is very exciting that it has started. [la pre-producción]”Deadpool will certainly be quite a change for the MCU, as the character’s third movie is expected to maintain the R rating as Feige himself has maintained that Deadpool is a well-functioning character as he is and that they don’t plan to change him.

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