Rainbow Six Extraction is the new name of Quarantine … and at E3 we will understand why

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new name of Quarantine ... and at E3 we will understand why

Ubisoft already announced that the formerly known as Rainbow six quarantine He would be one of the protagonists of his Ubisoft Forward event this E3 2021, but he did not want to wait until Saturday, June 12 to reveal his new name: Rainbow Six Extraction.

It was in 2019 when this continuation, or evolution, of Rainbow six siege, a multiplayer tactical shooter starring security force operators. This time, Extraction will go for science fiction and horror, as a alien virus infects all its hosts causing monstrous mutations, so all operators in the world will have to put aside their differences and fight against their common enemy, the parasite.

With the title announcement a new teaser has been revealed, showing the devastating ravages of this ever-evolving alien menace.

The reason for the name change of Rainbow Six Quarantine can be very insightful: to avoid real connotations with the coronavirus pandemic and quarantines, an everyday concept that until just over a year ago sounded like science fiction … However, they have advance what Extraction’s title will have a lot to do with its gameplay. For a time it was speculated that the new name would be Rainbow Six Parasite, which was apparently the provisional name of the game.

In a video statement, Antoine Vimal du Monteil, producer, states that the game has grown a lot since its announcement, whose development has run in Ubisoft montreal and in other Ubisoft divisions around the world.

Unlike Rainow Six Siege, Rainbow Six Extraction will be PvE, that is, tactical cooperative multiplayer against the infected monsters that will attack us. Patric Methé, Creative Director, Rainbow Six Extraction, promises that his new subtitle is for a very specific reason, which we will discover when they reveal the gameplay of the game, although it advances that we as a team we will have to decide when to move forward and when to withdraw.

Rainbow Six Extraction will show all its cards next Saturday, starting at 9:00 p.m. CEST on Ubisoft Forward. An event in which we will also know the future of Tom Clancy’s The Division … as well as a new game that will mix elements of Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and The Division, by name BattleCat.

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