No, Sam will not replace Bixby on Samsung phones. Its true story

No, Sam will not replace Bixby on Samsung phones.  Its true story

It is not a secret that companies are increasingly looking for ways to get closer to their customers in a close and personalized way through their services, without ending up colliding with what could simply seem like a robot. This is even more careful with virtual assistants, with systems like Alexa or Google Assistant being able to tell jokes or make comments to give us the feeling that we are dealing almost with a real person.

Well this week Sam has been a sensation in social networks when the first images of Samsung’s new virtual assistant have appeared on the net. Sam’s design presents us with a young girl with short brown hair, wearing the company’s shirt, a very expressiveness cartoon with which it seems that it has escaped from a cartoon movie … so it is not surprising the good reception it has had on social networks. Although its role was not very clear in the early days, it did pose a question to the general public.Him: is Sam going to replace Bixby?

Bixby is the virtual assistant of Samsung devices, and can answer questions and make a series of comments and services in the same way as Alexa or Siri, although it is not as popular and on occasion it has been commented that Samsung could try to create a new assistant with more presence. However, it seems like Sam is not going to be his replacement, for now at least, as Sam’s main role appears to be that of a chatbot.

Samsung has already confirmed that it does not plan to replace Bixby with Sam. The company has explained that Bixby is installed by default on its devices for sale, while Sam is “the chatbot of the Samsung customer service team.” Sam is designed to deal with consumers, responding automatically through chat on online platforms such as Facebook Messenger.

Although Sam’s images went viral during the past week, it does not mean that it is the final design of the assistant, since the original post referred to other previous versions in 2D. A Samsung chatbot already existed although we did not know its name, so it seems that the leaked design could be concept art for a redesign and that it does not end up being the final one for the new image of the virtual assistant. Regardless, Bixby can breathe easy for now, as it doesn’t seem like Sam is here to replace him.

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