More Cyberpunk 2077 leaks: from alpha with third-person gameplay to “Cyber ​​ElBuggado 2020” the official bug compilation

More Cyberpunk 2077 leaks: from alpha with third-person gameplay to “Cyber ​​ElBuggado 2020” the official bug compilation

It has been an intense weekend for CD Projekt, going through the disappointing fiscal quarter and the source code leaking in torrents, a video was leaked with its own bug material; now erased. In this video, and remembering those compilations of fans about the bugs of the game, now we have one called “Cyber ​​Elbuggado 2020“, a series of bugs and glitches during development.

The clip was posted on ResetEra, but any player on departure day could see quite a few, such as spontaneous collisions or flying objects and NPCs. Although some were fixed since they were during development, if you thought that playing everything was chaos, in the video you could see flying vehicles or people in Night City who did not know how to sit.

The parts of the body also suffered from problems, in one a stone could be seen to rotate 180º for no reason or Jackie exploding near a door. Although perhaps the best part was the trailer parodies they did, in one of them with the game’s OST. However, there were also times for just having fun in development, like see V riding a doggy bike.

Although not all were compilations, there were also parts of the game in development seen in the third person, with V walking into Sandra’s apartment. Start by talking to a character named Pat, an early version of Vic maybe, about a man named Ronnie and before exploring the apartment and showing how interactive it was.

V walks through the apartment whispering to Pat and interacting with many objects: cigarettes, beer, and a machine that makes him a sausage. The player I could use the remote to answer and the apartment is full of other objects, the video goes on and V can talk to Sandra in the shower and she asks him for a piercing, later asks about Ronnie before leaving the bathroom. When V goes out onto the balcony, the player is given the option to interact with a neighbor and offered a cigarette and there is a conversation.

Cyberpunk 2077 will have a new patch in the coming weeks

Then the player goes back inside and sits on a chair, the video ends with a very early Night City view and a vehicle was shown flying over the buildings.

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