Microsoft could announce the purchase of a new studio at E3, according to rumors

Microsoft could announce the purchase of a new studio at E3, according to rumors

In recent years, Microsoft has been very much on the move around studio acquisitions, the most notable of which was announced by Bethesda, made official this year. But even with such a purchase, it seems that Microsoft is far from done with all this, since the team in Xbox still has room for more studies.

According to words in 2020 of the own Phil Spencer, from Xbox, Microsoft is still “looking for other studies“and it is possible that another one of those acquisitions will be revealed soon. Through Twitter, the user @ IdleSloth84 published images of a conversation on the Discord server of Windows Central, in which the journalist Jez corden stated that, based on “very good“rumors, Microsoft has acquired a new IP and study.

However, despite this, the very Corden clarified his statements a bit, saying that this new acquisition was not necessarily “at a AAA level“. Of course, it could be the case that this New addition to Xbox Game Studios to be unveiled during E3 2021, something that could give to talk for a while if, in addition, present next to that new IP.

Microsoft also has a long history of announcing major game studio acquisitions –including during E3– during these last years. For this reason, it would not be surprising that drop it next to the games or from the start of your conferenceWhat do you think?

Of course, for many things that have been reported so far, this week we would leave doubts with all this, since at E3 2021 has a few days left to start.

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For now, we will continue to wait and see if produce more statements about it, but the safest thing is watch E3 and see for ourselves.

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