Master and Commander prequel confirmed

Master and Commander prequel confirmed

A few months ago and almost 20 years after its premiere, Master and Commander He made headlines again for Russell Crowe’s great zasca to a Twitter user who went viral by recommending watching the 2003 movie if he had trouble falling asleep. Regardless of this person’s opinion, Master and Commander: The Other Side of the World it achieved a not inconsiderable gross with a box office of more than 200 million dollars. The film also received generally good reviews and garnered a number of nominations and accolades, including two Oscars.

However, now the movie starring Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany has regained focus for very different reasons, since since Deadline have reported that a prequel movie is in development. Master and Commander is based on a series of books written by Patrick O’Brian which follow the naval careers of Captain Jack Aubrey and ship doctor Stephen Mataurin during the Napoleonic Wars.

Although the 2003 film takes elements from several books, this new film from Master and Commander It would be prequel, based directly on the first book in the series and focusing on the beginnings of the friendship between young Aubrey and Maturin. As reported Deadline, the project is in charge of 20th Century and the script is being developed by Patrick Ness (A monster comes to see me).

For now, no more names involved in the project have been announced and there is no director or cast announced. Given that the new film is being raised as a prequel, it is highly unlikely that Crow or Bettany will repeat in the project. In addition, one of the criticisms that the 2003 film received from fans of O’Brian’s books was its lack of fidelity to the original material, so it is also possible that they are looking to reboot the saga and start a new movie franchise from scratch.

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