Marvel Future Revolution, the mobile game with quality “triple A”, shows a new gameplay focused on Spider-Man

Marvel Future Revolution, the mobile game with quality "triple A", shows a new gameplay focused on Spider-Man

Marvel does not rest and therefore, another good budget title continues to be seen on the horizon. This time Marvel Future Revolution travels to mobile devices with the firm intention of becoming one of the most important games in the portable market for smartphones and tablets today. We have already seen more of this game.

The game announced last year had not released a new look for a while, until now. Peter Parker has been seen in a gameplay specifically focused on him, where we have been able to better see this game and everything it has to offer. We leave you with that new look at the gameplay of Spider-Man.

Whether on Android or iOS, Marvel Future Revolution promises to bring a few action-packed experiences with different heroes. The web launcher will not be the only one who will be present and that is that Iron-Man, Storm, Doctor Strange and many others have already been seen. For those of you who have seen this game for the first time, you may wonder what kind of proposal it will offer.

Marvel Future Revolution has an ambitious proposal, both in the budget aspect (it could be considered a AAA of the mobile market), and in playable matter. This title is an open world RPG That will take us not only to different locations within the Earth but also to planets like Xandar or Sakaar.

The gameplay, at least as seen in the Spider-Man gameplay, holds a purely action-centric premise with different attacks, abilities, and use of combos. Many of the movements based on swinging, use of gadgets and a lot of spider TV, remind us of the sets used in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

What do you think about the game? At the moment, it is known that Spider-Man will be available at the launch of Marvel Future Revolution, but more data is unknown. We will be attentive to everything that is revealed about this title developed by Netmarble.

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