Leaked ” BattleCat ”, a possible crossover of Ghost Recon, the Division, Splinter Cell and more Ubisoft sagas

Leaked '' BattleCat '', a possible crossover of Ghost Recon, the Division, Splinter Cell and more Ubisoft sagas

E3 2021 is approaching and we are already counting the days to enjoy new announcements, which will put our hype in the clouds. One of the big attending companies will be Ubisoft, which will celebrate its Ubisoft Forward on June 12. Those responsible for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Watch Dogs Legion are preparing a few surprises for PC and consoles, and one of them could have been revealed …

The truth is that a few months since this rumor jumped: Ubisoft could be working on a multiplayer shooter set in its universe, with references to sagas such as Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and The Division, all of them from Tom Clancy’s label. Ubisoft’s so-called metaverse could well be a new PvP for consoles and PC, and an insider has spoken about it on social networks.

Known as ” The Division: BattleCat ”, this new delivery could be announced in the next E3 2021, as a sequel to Ubisoft’s IP but bringing together characters and elements from other franchises, such as those mentioned Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell. It is not clear if said title is a code name or is really the title of the video game itself, although they have been leaked some enigmatic images

The user Zer0Bytes_ shared on Twitter a series of captures, where we can see the different factions of The Division: BattleCat. Would a first person shooter, where we could choose four different factions. One of them would be based on Splinter Cell, since we can equip ourselves with gadgets and objects common in the Sam Fisher saga.

Another capture refers to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the last installment of the series to date, although these factions would not be immovable. This means that we could form our own mixed squad, and of course there will be different skills and specific roles (medic, assault, engineer). At the moment this is just a rumor, and nothing is confirmed.

You can draw your own conclusions from the images, although reminds us a lot of Blizzard’s hero shooter, Overwatch. We can also see two possible game modes of this crossover, such as a modality based on capturing the objective, while the other team tries to prevent their rivals from complying. Kind of like a capture the flag, wow.

Finally, we can see another possible game mode, called Ringleader. This would be similar to the COD mode ” Confirmed kill ”, since every time we eliminate an opponent this one will drop a ring. The player who collects the most rings will become the leader, and you will have to defend them for 30 seconds to be victorious.

The Division: BattleCat leak not confirmed, although these screenshots reveal that Ubisoft prepare a big surprise for next June 12. We will have to be vigilant, because E3 2021 will begin shortly … and the French company will be one of the ” greats ” of the video game fair.

Fountain: GamesRadar

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