Horizon Forbidden West has been developed primarily on PS4, but that hasn’t limited the PS5 version or what they wanted to do.

Horizon II Forbidden West will get a 60fps performance mode on PS5

Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 will look “fantastic“, with which on PS5 there will be various graphical improvements. Much of the development and testing has been on PS4, but according to a interview with developers on GameInformer, Mathijs de Jonge and Benjamin McCaw -game director and narrative respectively- none of that has stopped things like the new abilities of Aloy and his creative process in general.

Much development and game testing has been done on PS4, we are making sure that players on that console have a great experience and that the game looks fantastic.“. Naturally, PS5 will have improvements:”On PS5, we can go further, adding details, graphics and rendering technique underwater on the console. It has extra details and systems, like the wave system“explained de Jonge.”Aloy’s lighting in PS5 has more definition, we use a special one that in PS4 is only in scenes, as well as more processing, but in the new console it can always be available“.

The rest of the interview goes into detail about the Aloy’s new abilities, of those already seen in the State of Play, just as they have redesigned their skill tree. On the other hand, by Jonge has also been interviewed in Hardware Zone about the game on PS4 and PS5. “When we started the concept of the game, we had great ideas that have been included, to the point that we did not think about hardware limitation or anything like that, we just wanted to design something good and unique in the player experience“.

An amazing adventure, that’s why we put together all the missions and events that the player will find“. de Jonge compared the improvements on one console over another.”I don’t think that, beyond 3D Audio, loading times, and DualSense, there is a huge change between the two. In PS5 what we could do is add a lot of graphic details, we can see Aloy’s little hair on her face and a lot of details in the distance“.

I don’t think many would notice it in the demo, but moss could be seen growing on rocks. In PS5, each strand was rendered individually, the hardware is so powerful that we were able to add more details in the image, I think it is one of its strong assets, after the processing power. When gaming, there is high-quality rendering and lighting, so every extra detail looks better in-game“.

In Horizon Forbidden West, water technology took years to develop

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Fountain: GamesRadar +GamingBolt

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