Gearbox and 2K to present Wonderlands, a new Borderlands spin-off, on June 10

Gearbox and 2K to present Wonderlands, a new Borderlands spin-off, on June 10

The saga Borderlands is one of the most successful and popular IPs from 2K Games. Following the enormous success of Borderlands 3 and the release of Tales from the Borderlands on current PC and consoles, it’s an open secret that a new installment will be announced in a few days. Specifically, It will be next June 10, the start date of the expected Summer Game Fest 2021, riddled with great video game commercials.

There has already been talk about a new Borderlands spin-off, but now it is confirmed: next June 10 Wonderlands, a new installment in the Gearbox and 2K Games series to be announced, centered on the character of Tiny Tina. The game will be unveiled during the Summer Game Fest presentation gala, which It will start this Thursday from 8:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time.

This has been confirmed by the official account of Summer Game Fest, which literally published that it will be announced ”a new Gearbox and 2K adventure”, during the presentation Kick off live lasting about two hours. In addition, the new website has been launched, the code of which refers to an imminent official page for Wonderlands.

The first time we heard of the Wonderlands name was last week, as The programming that 2K Games would reveal in the event prior to E3 2021 was leaked. Among them you could see an interesting list of titles, such as an XCOM-style strategy game based on Marvel, or the aforementioned new Borderlands spin-off for PC and consoles.

This information is corroborated by different video game media, such as VGC or Game Reactor, and the latter reported a while ago that there was a new installment of Borderlands in development. And no, it wasn’t the Switch version of Borderlands 3, as might be expected at first. As if that weren’t enough, too a new Gearbox IP confirmed to come out in 2022.

In addition to the aforementioned Wonderlands announcement on June 10, both Gearbox as 2K Games will be present at the E3 2021 ceremony. Thus, on June 12 it will be Gearbox’s turn (Embracer), while New Take Two games will be presented on June 14, a publisher that owns 2K Games or Rockstar, among other studios.

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