Fortnite Season 7: What is the Alien phone number and what is it for

The first two teasers of Fortnite season 7 preview weapons and objects that will be in the new season

We are just a few hours away from the start of fortnite season 7, and quite possibly the aliens will visit us, and to open your mouth, you will be able to have direct communication with one of these beings.

And it is that Epic Games, in a promotional campaign, is sending a series of postcards with a telephone number included, in the United States, so that they are the users themselves or Influencers those who talk about the new season, but we have already hunted the phone for you.

So we’re not just going to tell you what is the alien phone number, but also what it is for and if it is worth calling.

Fortnite Season 7: What is the Alien phone number and what is it for

Everything seems to indicate that season 7 of Fortnite will be dedicated to aliens, and it seems that some users are already being abducted and transported to random areas of the map.

Through a series of postcards sent to users and influencers, we can read phrases such as “they are coming”, and where certain information regarding the new season can be collected.

The foreign phone number that appears is +1 (575) 291-7617, with a United States prefix, so if you call from Spain you should know how much your telephone operator charges an international call to this country.

Users, when calling this number, they will be greeted with a 30 second message filled with static and strange noises, and a voice seems to be heard saying something like “something strange is happening.”

We advise you not to call the number directly so as not to be surprised on your next telephone bill, because luckily the user community has already shown the call on social networks such as Twitter so that you can listen to it without spending a single euro.

It is likely that tomorrow June 8 the new season of Fortnite will be released, and in HobbyConsolas we will be aware of any type of information and also of the first challenges.

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