Fortnite season 6 final event: schedule, what is known, when season 7 begins

Fortnite season 7 presents its first preview with a release date

For a few weeks, Fortnite has starred in a few news in relation to what is to come in terms of content and that long-awaited Season 7. What is the next big step for Fortnite? At the moment, everything seems headed for the aliens, but there is no sign of an end-of-season event.

Tomorrow, June 8, season 6 of Fortnite will conclude and, supposedly, will give way to season seven. In order to prepare for what is to come, here we tell you everything that is known about season 7, the end of season event and much more: teasers, rumors, what to expect from this new content …

When does Fortnite season 7 start?

Tomorrow, June 8, Season 7 of Fortnite will start. The time is not yet clear, but it would not be strange if Epic Games update the game first thing in the morning, around 10:00, to introduce all the characteristic changes. Nor would it be surprising if the servers collapsed before the avalanche of curious players, so, as we always recommend, it will be necessary to be patient.

Will there be a final Fortnite season 6 event?

For now Epic Games has not indicated anything about a possible end of season event. Given that the season starts tomorrow, it does not seem that in the remainder of time something of the magnitude that we have seen in previous episodes will be celebrated. Most likely, something similar to that seen in the previous season will happen.

¿A Season 7 Opening Event? That is what many expect, as we have seen in the past, where we were presented with a spectacular cinematic that addressed the classic events of the Fortnite plot, followed by an individual in-game event that all players had to complete in order to access the news. We will update information as the data is confirmed.

What to expect from Fortnite season 7? Aliens, Loki …

It is already clear that the aliens arrive at Fortnite. After having seen how the players were abducted by a series of UFOs, the first teasers of season 7 have revealed a series of objects that could act as accessories or new weapons. Also, these teasers are written from the point of view of aliens.

What more news awaits us? We must not forget the usual collaborations between Epic Games and other big brands. The figure of Loki has already appeared and there are beginning to be rumors about a possible superman skin, for the glasses shown.

Tomorrow we will be here to tell you everything about this new season 7 of Fortnite. We also recommend reading other guides on Hobby Consoles, how to get the Deathstroke skin and graffiti, the best tricks and tips to overcome Impossible Escape, or how to get the Street Shadows skin.

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