Former Call of Duty Modern Warfare narrative director could return to Naughty Dog

Former Call of Duty Modern Warfare narrative director could return to Naughty Dog

The video game industry is in constant motion, and it is not surprising that the pieces move during these dates … in the face of the best years of the generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. A weeks ago we told you that two Call of Duty heavyweights, specifically its narrative director and a design director, confirmed their goodbye to Infinity Ward after many years in the company.

Taylor Kurosaki, who has worked at Naughty Dog since the 1990s, has dropped on his personal Twitter account what his future will be. In the absence of confirmation, it appears that the former narrative director of Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) I could return to the ranks of Naughty Dog, judging from a nostalgic post taken during his time at Neil Druckmann’s company.

Specifically, the creative has shared an image of the development of Uncharted 3, one of the last games Kurosaki worked on before leaving for Infinity Ward. This talented narrative director joined Naughty Dog in 1996, and was one of those responsible for making titles such as Jak 3, the first Crash Bandicoot games or the Uncharted trilogy of PS3, before joining the Activision war franchise to develop Infinite Warfare or Modern Warfare of 2019.

Kurosaki’s inseparable companion, Jacob Minkoff, ad his farewell to Infinity Ward jointly with the former narrative director. This could indicate that both will leave to the same destination, since they maintain a strong friendship, as it could be seen after the departure of Kurosaki to Activision. It was even said that the couple would found his own development studio, although it seems that finally it will not be like that.

The truth is that there are cases similar to those of Kurosaki and Minkoff. In the past, Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring left Respawn’s ranks after many years for form Gravity Well Games, his own game development studio. The future of Kurosaki is not confirmed yet, so we cannot completely rule out the option that both will be undertaken in a similar future.

A possibility that would unite again Kurosaki and Naughty Dog It would be the rumored remake of The Last of Us. A few weeks ago, the Bloomberg agency revealed that Neil Druckmann had appointed a new remake of The Last of Us to a small team of Naughty Dog, who would update the graphics of the game and add tons of playable novelties. Logically, we are talking about a title for PS5.

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