First images of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5, who will return to see them with the Nazis

Images from the shooting set of Indiana Jones 5, whose filming will start in summer

It seemed like the day would never come, but Indiana Jones 5 it is a reality, and filming has already begun. A few days ago we showed you the first filtered images of the filming, which will be used by Bamgurgh Castle in England (which has already made fans spin theories about the recovery of a deleted scene from the previous movies).

In recent days the photos have not stopped coming out, and include very revealing details about the film. But the most awaited, without a doubt, is the return of Harrison Ford as Dr. Jones (who is currently 78 years old).

Via @IndianaJones_ch, we get the first image of Ford characterized as the archaeologist … and it continues as usual.

However, that is not the only image of Indiana Jones 5 that has been leaked. On June 4, Daily Mail revealed numerous images of a train, as well as numerous trucks and a motorcycle with a sidecar (like that of the Last Crusade) being prepared for filming. The train and the trucks had swastikas, confirming the return of the Nazis, classic enemies of doctor Jones … and also confirming a flashack?

It seems so, and everything indicates that we will see Harrison Ford rejuvenated, probably using these digital techniques so common today. Just two days later Daily Mail returned to show photographs taken during a night shoot, in the historical North Yorkshire Moors railway tracks (Disused but preserved. In fact, just a few months ago Tom Cruise was right there filming Mission Impossible 7).

In them is not Harrison Ford, but a motorcycle specialist and wearing a facial mask. Although no details of the mask are visible, the use of vehicles of the time leaves no room for doubt: it is a flashback scene, set around the same time as the original films (in the 1930s or ’40s), ensuring that a young Doctor Jones has some physical action … even if it’s not Harrison Ford who plays him in these scenes, but a masked stuntman. facials (and CGI on top).

By the way, a video was also leaked, although this time of the scene at the castle … which will apparently catch fire. Fear not, the fire is real, but it was very controlled.

The plot of Indiana Jones 5 will take us to 60 (after Indiana Jones 4 was set in the 1950s), and Harrison Ford will be joined by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Madds Mikkelsen.

The details of the plot are unknown, although we know that John williams will rewrite the music for the film, saying goodbye to the saga as he did with Star Wars Episode XI. Steven Spielberg will only act as a producer, and it will be James mangold (Logan, Le Mans 66) who takes the reins of the film.

Fountain: Daily Mail, IJ Adventure Outpost

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