Fast & Furious 9 already exceeds 250 million dollars in collection at the international box office

New trailer for Fast & Furious 9, with an impressive look behind the scenes

The film industry has seen how the staggering figures that were handled when talking about box office collection in 2019 have become a thing of the past. The limitations to which the cinemas are subjected mean that the collection of any film at the box office has been considerably reduced. Even so, we continue to see cases in which some films stand out and shed some light on the tunnel where the sector has been for more than a year.

The most recent case is that of Fast & Furious 9, the new installment of the high-octane franchise starring Vin Diesel which will hit theaters around the world this summer, but which has already been released in some countries such as China, South Korea or Russia.

The data at the Fast & Furious 9 box office are already very interesting, with more than $ 255 million collected in these countries where it has premiered (according to Box Office Mojo), 203 of which come from the Chinese market, despite the controversy generated by John Cena. In fact, the film has surpassed Godzilla vs Kong as the highest-grossing film of the pandemic era.

In United States, Fast & furious 9 lands on June 25, which anticipates that it will be one of the great releases of the summer. As for Spain, Universal is planning the premiere of the film for the July 2nd, a week later, unless it is advanced as in the United States. It will be necessary to see what figures the film releases in our country and in the US market, but it seems that it will amortize its budget without many problems.

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