Far Cry 6 will feature a postgame that will offer “something more” to players and will be revealed very soon

Far Cry 6 will feature a postgame that will offer "something more" to players and will be revealed very soon

The revolution that we will live in Far Cry 6 seems to go beyond the plot that the game wants to raise within the island of Yara. Ubisoft has introduced a few new features within this title and it seems that more are on the way. Although very extensive information has not been offered, Weighty revelations are already anticipated.

As in the vast majority of open worlds, beyond secondary missions, collectibles and errands, the main story usually marks the end of the player’s path. The Far Cry saga has offered some improvements in aspects such as the endgame and the postgame content of your installments and this is something that could be further improved with Far Cry 6.

In an interview with the youtuber JorRaptor, Ubisoft lead designer David Grivel hinted that Far Cry 6 endgame content will be more important than in other installments. According to his own words players can expect “something else” within this matter. More combat options apart from restoring enemy posts and barracks could be added in this installment.

On when we will know more details of this, Grivel indicated that it will be shortly And that in addition, we will have new news about Far Cry 6. Although there is no date for a new advance, all eyes are focused on the Ubisoft Forward that will take place this week on the occasion of the celebration of E3 2021.

Saturday, June 12 at 9:00 p.m., the developer will announce news about their games and there may be some surprises. Will Far Cry 6 be there? Well, it seems that it is and it is that very recently Ubisoft detailed its plans for E3 2021: with Far Cry 6, Riders Republic, Rainbow Six Quarantine and other surprises.

On the other hand and after a small mess, the narrative director of Far Cry 6 affirmed that “our game is political”, without avoiding old controversies.

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