Dying Light Hellraid Gets The Prisoner: A DLC DLC With New Story Mode

Dying Light Hellraid Gets The Prisoner: A DLC DLC With New Story Mode

All eyes may now be on Dying Light 2, the sequel to Techland’s zombie game that, with some delay, has finally confirmed a December 2021 release date, revealing a multitude of details. But, surprisingly, Techland has announced The Prisoner, a free update for Hellraid, the DLC for the first Dying Light.

Come on, to avoid confusion: Dying Light, game of 2015, received in July 2020 a DLC called Hellraid. Now that DLC gets other DLC, this time free. If you have Dying Light and the Hellraid expansion, you can now enjoy all the content that The Prisoner update adds, including technical improvements but also content, with a new story mode.

The history mode takes players deep into the demon-infested bowels of the Temple of Ba’al to rescue Lucius, a mysterious and powerful wizard, from captivity. It has 3 new missions, all available in cooperative mode, new locations and a new skeleton enemy with a shield.

In addition to the levels, there will be two new weapons– A bow named Corrupt Justice and a Bone Crusher hammer. The update will be completed with technical improvements: new lighting system (Hellraid only), new ambient sounds that improve the atmosphere, changes in animations … Even the use of the minimap and inventory management has been improved.

Dying Light Hellraid is a very different game mode from the original, with dark medieval aesthetics, and based on a game of the same name that Techland has been developing for years… and that according to the press release, keep going.

You will be able to enjoy everything that Dying Light has to offer on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Hellraid is included in the recent Platinum edition of the game. Will you take the opportunity to sink your teeth into the zombies of Dying Light, before the sequel comes out?

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