Danny Elfman explains that his inspiration for the Batman theme came “at the worst possible moment”

Danny Elfman explains that his inspiration for the Batman theme came "at the worst possible moment"

There is no doubt that one of the strengths of Batman, apart from the magnificent performances of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson as the Dark Knight and the Joker respectively, was its soundtrack, composed by the great Danny Elfman. However, according to Elfman, the inspiration for Tim Burton’s film’s music came “at the worst possible time.”

In a recent interview (via The Hollywood Reporter), the composer remembered how badly he had when the inspiration for the main theme of the song came to him. Batman movieas it came to him at the worst possible time, while he was on a plane. Elfman explained that while Batman was in production, he had flown to London to visit the film’s set and hopefully get some inspiration.

Indeed, the inspiration for the batman soundtrack It came to him, but not at the most opportune moment, since the idea came to him while he was in the middle of the flight back to Los Angeles. “That came to me at the worst possible time. On the way home, the damn thing comes to mind. And it was like, what do I do? I’m in a 747. How do I do this? I’m going to forget all this. I’m going to land and they’re going to play some damn Beatles song, and I’m going to forget about it all, “Elfman said.

Luckily for him, Danny Elfman carried a tape recorder that he carried with him everywhere. However, he had to go to the bathroom on the plane to be able to use it, which he did several times in quick succession. “I start running into the bathroom and humming phrases and I go back to my seat, and I’m thinking and thinking. Ten minutes later, back in the bathroom. And then back to my seat and then back to the bathroom, because I couldn’t do this with the guy sitting next to me, “declared the composer.

Danny Elfman’s ongoing journeys into service in order to translate his ideas from the batman music they caused the flight attendants to approach him worried. Elfman apparently assured them that nothing was wrong, although they did not seem particularly convinced. “Ten minutes later, I’m back in the bathroom, and I open the door and this time there are three flight attendants,” he recalled. “And they were probably saying things like, ‘What the hell are you doing so often? You can’t do that all of a sudden. You can’t poke yourself that often. What are you doing there ?!’ And piece by piece I was working on the Batman score in my head. “

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