Battlefield 2042 could be the title of the new game, which would have the largest maps in the history of the saga

Battlefield 2042 could be the title of the new game, which would have the largest maps in the history of the saga

This Wednesday the incessant leaks of the new Battlefield, when EA presents the new game in society, at 4:00 p.m. CEST (Spanish peninsular time) on June 9. Until now, most of the leaks came from dataminer Tom Henderson, who pointed out that instead of being called Battlefield 6 it would be called ‘Battlefield’, to dry. However, according to this new leak, if it turns out to be true, it would have another definitive name: Battlefield 2042.

All this information was published by an anonymous user, precisely, on Tom Henderson’s Discord (and collected in Reddit), who has not commented on this, although he would not contradict in anything what he has already said (beyond the title, which could have been changed later).

Specifically, the setting in 2042 agrees with what Henderson said that it would lead us to a near future, chronologically after Battlefield 4, so the weapons, vehicles and equipment would be slightly futuristic, with the maximum likelihood (they would have been inspired by technology currently being developed in weapons factories).

The most impressive thing about Battlefield 2042 would be the maps, the largest in the history of the EA saga by far. In fact, they would be divided into sectors, that once the captures are of your team forever. Each of these sectors would in turn have 3 or 4 points, and some would be the size of maps from previous Battlefields (like a medium Battlefield 3 map).

Battlefield 2042 would also put a greater focus on squads, and your team’s strategy when planning ahead and executing your plans, encouraging team play. In fact, I would adapt the idea of ​​Battlefront 2 of Heroes on each team, characters not as “cheated” as in the Star Wars shooter but with some very valuable tools.

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Finally, he comments that two trailers will be revealed that have not been leaked before, it will have 64v64 multiplayer, and it will have crossplay, although not in the versions of PS4 and Xbox One.

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