Apple Introduces iPadOS 15 at WWDC

iPadOS 15

Apple has introduced iPadOS 15 at the keynote of the WWDC 2021 developer conference that is currently taking place and where we have already had the opportunity to present live the great star of the event in software: iOS 15.

You know what it is about. It is the third edition of the operating system exclusively dedicated to governing iPad tablets that arrived for “Recognize the distinctive iPad experience” and introduce other aspects beyond the development for iPhone, although like previous versions it is based on iOS, although with some characteristics of its own according to the devices where it is directed.

What’s new in iPadOS 15

Not many new features have been presented beyond some brushstrokes of where this iPadOS 15 will go, which is still in the development phase. One of them has been the ability to manage on-screen widgets, a feature highly requested by iPad users that was already on iOS.

As expected new widgets have been created for Files, Apple TV and others. “We wanted to facilitate access to your apps”, They explain from Apple and there is no doubt that they are better organized.

The home screen will be more customizable and will allow a more flexible placement of widgets. Now you can place them anywhere you want, a capability that arrived in iOS 14 last year, but had not carried over to iPadOS and did not offer the same functionality, as widgets could only be placed in the sidebar despite of the large screen space of tablets.

Apple is also bringing the app library to iPadOS 15. As on the iPhone, it will allow you to keep a less cluttered home screen by archiving rarely used apps in an automatically organized section of folders. On iPads, the app library is located at the base.

The multitask it’s also getting much-needed refinement. The idea is well known, with several apps running at the same time on a split screen. The new icons will make it easier to switch to this split view mode, and Apple has also mentioned a “shelf” feature that makes it easier to mix up different tasks. It’s a significant change to the way multitasking currently works on iPadOS, and it seems like a major improvement.

Another announcement has come from the function QuickNote that will allow you to attach notes to web pages and other areas of iPadOS 15, which will facilitate their access and operation through the stylus, enhanced as in each version although the ill-fated Steve Jobs did not even want to talk about them.

iPadOS 15 will also share many of the New Features and Experiences Coming to iOS 15such as improvements introduced to FaceTime such as support for spatial audio that will offer a more realistic and natural sound, a voice isolation function that will allow your voice to pass through background noise, and a “wide spectrum” option what will capture more sound than before.

Another novelty is that the standalone app Translate will also come to the iPadOS, as well as there will be an approach to programming languages ​​with Swift Playgrounds to learn how to develop apps and even upload them to the App Store.

There have been some other announcements as you will see in the following image that Apple has offered as a summary:

But we are left wanting much more. On the pre-WWDC 2021 “wish” list, some were betting on multi-user support, a more advanced Files application, better support for external displays, and professional-caliber applications like Final Cut and Logic.

We assume that they will be introduced in the next few months (we also expect new iPads) as the final version of the system for tablets will not be available until fall. Apple will offer it as a free upgrade for iPads. The star this afternoon was clearly iOS 15, although most of its news will also be available on this iPadOS 15.

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