AMD Exceeds 30% CPU Share in Steam Survey

encuesta de hardware de Steam

The Steam Hardware Survey is a good guide to knowing the components most used by players using the Valve platform. The list is made thanks to the statistics that the users optionally provide and, as we said, it is usually a good thermometer because the digital store is the most popular on the market.

From the last published we can draw several conclusions. One of them is that AMD continues to reduce the distance that in market share of personal computer processors separates it from Intel. According to the latest Steam poll, the AMD share has risen to 30%.

If you follow us regularly, you already know why. The high performance / features / price ratio of Ryzen processors, coupled with Intel’s serious problems in transitioning to 10-nanometer production technology processes, has resulted in a significant increase in AMD’s share especially in desktops. . So much as to outperform Intel for the first time in fifteen years in the list of PassMark Software.

However, in the specific section of games, although it has also improved, it has done so more slowly than in the general global, hence that 30% share in the Steam survey is important, a good thermometer to evaluate the millionaire segment of PC games if we consider that the platform is the number one of its kind.

Other data from the Steam hardware survey

If in CPUs AMD has been gaining market since it marketed the first Ryzen and the latest models with ZEN 3, it indicates that it will continue to do so, we cannot say the same about another component that is even more important in games, that of the dedicated graphics cards.

Here, AMD simply unable to compete with NVIDIA and – thinking about the alternatives) we fear that the last generation ‘Ampere’ has enlarged the differences. The green giant is ‘playing’ according to market needs and as soon as it feels pressure, it covers with new models, the latest being the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti from last week. Regarding quota, NVIDIA has a quota in the Steam hardware survey greater than 75%.

Other data that we can highlight are:

  • Windows 10 sweeps the operating systems used with 92.87% share. The game on PC continues to have a Windows name thanks to DX12.
  • The 16 GB of RAM are already the majority and are installed in 45% of computers.
  • 4-core CPUs are the most used: 40% of the total.
  • The 8GB of VRAM (graphics) wins narrowly: 24%.
  • The FHD screen resolution sweeps, used by 67% of computers. 4K is only used by 2%.
  • Most computers have storage systems above 1TB, almost 53%.
  • In VR the most used devices are the Oculus.
  • In the new category of hardware for Mac there are no surprises, MacBook Pros are the most used for gaming.

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