A petition gathers support so that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings does not have nudity

Everything we know about The Lord of the Rings, the Amazon Studios blockbuster

Most of you know by now that Amazon Prime Video has an ambitious project in hand to carry the Middle Earth from The Lord of the Rings to the small screen in serial format, setting the story thousands of years before the events of the original novels and exploring a good part of the imaginary created by JRR Tolkien. Although there is one aspect that has not excited all fans of the franchise.

Months ago, rumors and clues began to emerge about the possibility that the Lord of the Rings series It will include some type of nudity or even sex scene, something that has not sat well with a sector of the fans of Tolkien’s work, who have not been slow to raise their voices.

Via Change.org, The Cathoholic Memes account has initiated a signature petition for Amazon Prime Video not to include nude scenes in the Lord of the Rings series, emphasizing the fact that Tolkien “was a devout Catholic.” The petition is already around 35,000 signatures.

The petition expresses its concern about the alleged intentions of including this type of nudity and / or sex scenes. The petition states that Tolkien’s creations are generally “Family Friendly”, and they request that it be kept that way. What is not clear to us is what scale is used to define that something is “Family Friendly” or not, because The Lord of the Rings leaves a good trail of deaths on its pages.

What do you think of this petition for signatures so that Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series does not contain nudity?

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