Zack Snyder is open to directing a Dragon Ball Z anime movie or even a Live Action

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Having released two movies in a year, his version of The Justice League and the zombie movie, Army of the Dead, Zack Snyder is still looking for a new project, And even though you may already have found it, it’s always nice to have fresh ideas.

Therefore, during an interview at the Tyrron Magnus YouTube channel he proposed a new idea, the possibility of directing an anime movie, more specifically Dragon Ball, something that Snyder did not completely oppose, although he admits that he could only do it if the project they proposed is up to the task.

“Yes I would consider it. I mean, if the project is worth it. But yes, of course it would make the remake of an anime or even a live-action. It would be a lot of fun because I love animation, and I watch a lot of anime with my son, who on the other hand is too young to watch it, but we still do it, “Snyder joked.

Seeing the two options proposed by the director, or a remake of Dragon Ball or a movie in live action, it is clear that the first is always better, because that of turning animes into real people does not usually go too well. On the other hand, if Snyder finally tries to pull off a Dragon Ball movie, it would be quite a challenge for this director, It would be the first time that he directed an animated film since, although he has adapted comics such as Watchmen or 300, he has always done so with actors.

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