Zachari Levi jokes about the Shazam 2 outfit and the only feature he’s still missing

Zachari Levi jokes about the Shazam 2 outfit and the only feature he's still missing

Shazam! is the last movie of the DC Extended Universe who told us the story in a humorous way Billy batson (interpreted by Asher angel), an orphan boy who, after meeting a magician, acquired the ability to transform into an adult superhero at the cry of Shazam !, played in his adult version by Zachary levi.

Shazam! The fury of the gods is the second installment that is scheduled to premiere in 2023 and is again directed by David F. Sandberg and to have Zachary Levi as the protagonist. With filming already started by Warner Bros., a few days ago we got to see what Zachary Levin’s new suit looked like in the sequel.

The most remarkable thing about the suit is that it has more details than the previous suit, with different gauntlets and more silver throughout, as well as looking less padded; but that doesn’t seem to be the main concern of people who are looking forward to seeing the sequel. “The new suit looks great, Zachary Levin“They told the actor on Twitter,”but the bigger question is… do you still have to take off your entire suit to shit?

To which Levin responded as you can see below:

The first movie of Shazam! It was a box office success, grossing more than $ 366 million worldwide and receiving positive reviews from both the public and specialized media. “The sequel was announced right after we released it. They knew it was going to go well, they were happy with the numbers.Zachary Levi said in an interview. For the sequel, the appearance of the villain has already been confirmed Kalypso interpreted by Lucy Liu, the villain Hesperia to which he will give life Helen mirrer and the incorporation to the distribution of Rachel zegler, the actress of West Side Story, in a role still unknown.

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