WWDC 2021: Where to see it? What will Apple surprise us with?

WWDC 2021: ¿Dónde verlo? ¿Con qué nos sorprenderá Apple?

Already only a few hours left for the initial keynote of WWDC 2021, Apple’s event directed as its own name indicates to developers, but due to the depth of some of the announcements that are made in it, it also arouses enormous interest among users of Apple devices and services. The clearest example of this we had last year, when those from Cupertino chose this meeting to announce their jump from Intel to ARM with Apple Silicon.

In comparison, unless Apple has a bombshell up its sleeve, this WWDC 2021 will not be as explosive as last year. But still, yes we have reason to expect it to be a very interesting event, full of expected announcements and to reveal the master lines of Apple’s plans for the coming months. Let’s take a look at what we hope to see:

iOS 15: The announcement of the next version of the iPhone operating system at WWDC 2021 is no surprise, it is more than one of the few things that we know for sure will happen. However, we cannot go much further than that, because unlike previous years, when there have been major leaks, this time discretion has reigned. Widgets improvements? More privacy? Both possibilities are in the air, but at the moment they are just that, possibilities.

macOS 12: Apple will also announce its new revision of its operating system for computers. Although it will obviously have some new features, I think who else will be interested in this case is the developers (and great, because I remember again that we are talking about WWDC 2021), because I have the impression that, without being the final version for this purpose (for that we will have to wait until the end of support for Mac with Intel), yes that It will be a breakthrough in the convergence between macOS and iOS / iPadOS.

iPadOS 15: As a general rule, it is usually the ugly brother, who receives less attention, since it is usually seen as the version of iOS for the big screen. However, in this WWDC 2021 there may be a change in this regard. Let us remember that in April the first iPad Pro with SoC M1 were presented, and that Such devices require an equally Pro operating system. Could there be support for running macOS apps on iPadOS?

Dual-boot iPad: This is probably just a nonsense that has crossed my mind, but what if those of Cupertino, thinking precisely about the convergence between macOS and iOS, have happened to port macOS 12 to iPad Pro? Even if only as a proof of concept, it could be very interesting to see your tablet plus Pro running a PC operating system and even offering the possibility of an iPadOS / macOS dual boot. I repeat, We are talking about WWDC 2021, it is the perfect setting to show something like this.

WatchOS: Apple may announce some new quantization function, either based on current Apple Watch sensors or those to come in its next version. Some rumors point to functions to detect stress and alert the user to perform a relaxation technique to avoid possible panic attacks, anxiety flare-ups, etc.

HomeOS: The great unknown of this WWDC 2021. Only a few days ago we learned about this OS for the first time, and we are not even clear if it will be aimed at the HomePods or, on the contrary, it will be a reformulation of HomeKit, the connected home system from Apple.

HardwareAlthough WWDC 2021 will be focused on software, it is possible that Apple will decide to put the long teeth on us with the odd device. In that case, we expect a new chip, the successor to the successful Apple M1, which is already called Apple M1X or Apple M2, will be the protagonist of the second phase, perhaps the final one, of Apple’s transition from Intel to ARM. And in terms of specific devices, we can expect the new MacBook Air, as well as the new MacBook Pro. And, to top it off, maybe new headphones compatible with Apple Music Hi-Fi.

Apple Podcasts: Introduced in April, the new paid subscription service was due to debut sometime in May, but Apple delayed it «some weeks«. If the developers have had time to solve the problems identified, the WWDC 2021 would be a good framework to announce the arrival of this new service.

Where to see WWDC 2021?

The inaugural WWDC keynote It will take place tomorrow, Monday, June 7, at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), 10:00 am PDT, which is what they are governed by in Cupertino. And, as has been the case for years, the event will be broadcast over the Internet. For this purpose, you may choose the Apple event website or, if you prefer, through the company’s YouTube channel, where the transmission is already scheduled.

Remember, however, that the keynote is just the beginning, and that during the five days that WWDC 2021 lasts Important news and announcements may occur. But do not worry, it is not necessary for you to faint in front of the web trying not to miss anything, because we will inform you promptly of how many relevant news occur in the event.


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