The first two teasers of Fortnite season 7 preview weapons and objects that will be in the new season

The first two teasers of Fortnite season 7 preview weapons and objects that will be in the new season

That Fortnite season 6 has its days numbered, everyone already knows, but that little by little we are learning more about the new season, it is also a fact right now. Through the official Fortnite Twitter account, Epic Games has dedicated this weekend to releasing two teasers with the odd novelty for the game.

For example, yesterday at 4:00 p.m. a tweet was sent in which you could read: “Catalog Entry No. 437-887. The creatures on this island seem to use this strange, flimsy device to consume … a bone-modifying liquid? Fascinating“While it is clear that they refer to milk, on both sides there are two more objects and, below, a data upload end date.

And today, again at 4:00 p.m. – Spanish peninsular time of course – a few minutes ago, another tweet was launched. In this it reads: “Catalog entry 407-740. When this is arranged on the face, this strange plastic device seems to make us unrecognizable. More evidence required“Again, with a date of June 8. These glasses may refer – or a reference – to the classic masks or glasses in science fiction movies so that beings are not recognized.

East two tweets are the sea of ​​interesting, in the first we can see what the milk as a new consumable, next to a new and alien weapon. But in the second, besides the glasses -without knowing if putting them on won’t make us unrecognizable too- there is an electric guitar that we don’t know much more about; perhaps will the glasses be a nod to Superman?

Be that as it may, this next Tuesday we will get rid of doubts, since as they have indicated at the end of both tweets with a date -in addition to the teaser of June 3- it will be the Fortnite season 7 release date, with some new friends visiting the island. Do you want to see them already in the game? Remember that we tried to call them on the phone the other day.

Since last June 2, aliens appeared in Fortnite season 6, with several UFOs appearing and abducting players in games. Since then, we have already been able to see who the star guests of this new season were going to be.

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Of course, as we say and although there is still to wait, the Tuesday from early morning all these friends will come to us. ¿You want to see them?

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