The Dead Space trilogy remastered? An insider leaves a strange message about it

The Dead Space trilogy remastered?  An insider leaves a strange message about it

Of all the games that many gamers are waiting to see this June, with E3 and Summer Game Fest just around the corner, Dead Space may not be one of them. Since The Callisto Protocol was announced, new game from its co-creatorIt is true that the talks about how good it would be to see the return of his space terror saga became somewhat constant.

For that very reason, now that we have all this in mind, this conversation that has been around this return It may seem to us now more suspicious than normal; if it fits. It all started on Twitter when Shpeshal Nick, from Xbox Era, and Jez Corden, of Windows Central, they started chatting and this alerted several users as they are known to leak content.

Nick posted in his tweet that he thought about Dead space and he thinks he would have “a chance to return“Either as a remaster, a new game or both, something innocuous per se. But Corden replied:”THAT WOULD BE GREAT, ISN’T IT TRUE NICK?“, in capital letters, which was one of the things that caught the attention of the message. What followed:”You know, if it was SERIOUSLY HAPPENING, RIGHT? That would be great“.

Now, the tweet can also be interpreted as a wake-up call and nothing more, since later Nick I responded to this tweet with a gif little hopeful; we are yes Corden was trolling. Corden himself also gives a glimpse of this, responding with another gif and with a message that said “When I screw up @Shpeshal_Nick’s tweets“.

Be that as it may, many highly anticipated games will not be at the June events, it has already been confirmed that the most anticipated games from Warner Bros, as well as from Koch Media, will be seen these weeks at the video game conferences.

The Callisto Protocol has the collaboration of the creators of The Walking Dead

What do you think,there will be scares that give pleasure during E3 2021 or the new edition of the Summer Game Fest?

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