Loki will have unexpected cameos from some Marvel characters, according to his main screenwriter

The Loki series is "one wild ride" and it will exceed all expectations.

Despite the fact that this 2021 it seems that Marvel is going to get back into a good rhythm in its premieres in the cinema, that nor does it mean that you are going to give up your new TV products, especially after seeing the good results they are giving you. And if we’ve already seen four of the “good guys” show off on their own TV series, Scarlet Witch and Vision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, now it’s the bad guys’ turn.

And the first to make his appearance is going to be Loki, the fascinating character played by Tom Hiddleston and who seems not to be alone in his premiere on the small screen, because as Michael Waldron, main screenwriter of the series, has revealed, Marvel did not impose any restrictions on them when it came to choosing other MCU characters, so they took advantage of it.

“If there was no problem with rights or complicated legal situations, there was no reason why we should not go after our favorite characters,” explained Waldron in an interview with Digital Spy in which they ask you to be more specific about the cameos and whose answer is: “wait for the unexpected”.

Taking into account that Loki is a character who has been present in the UCM for ten years, and that his series is about traveling through time and between dimensions, it is clear that he se can expect all sorts of character appearances from the Marvel Cinematic UniverseWill Iron Man and Captain America appear?

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