Lisa Kudrow Admits She Had To Re-learn Smelly Cat For Friends: The Reunion

Lisa Kudrow Admits She Had To Re-learn Smelly Cat For Friends: The Reunion

As a good fan of Friends you are, you the most famous song by Phoebe Buffay is not going out of your head, but Lisa Kudrow, who has had to learn many scripts and many stories throughout her career, it is normal that she no longer had it so fresh in her head, especially if she had to play it again on the guitar.

This is how Kudrow herself confessed in an interview with Ellen Degeneres in which has admitted that he had to learn Smelly Cat againLuckily, as always, the internet was there to save her and she was able to relearn the song thanks to the many tutorials that exist on it.

“I was very nervous when they told me I would have to sing it. So I braced myself and realized that I had to relearn Smelly Car again. I picked up my guitar and realized that I didn’t remember the chords. But they were all on the internet. Thank you world for posting the chords. I learned it but at the moment my throat closed … I was in a panic! I couldn’t get anything to come out. I did not know what was going to happen, “recalled the actress who did not hesitate to open up about the moment that almost made her cry during Friends: The Reunion.

“[Cuando Lady Gaga me dio las gracias por representar a las personas que son diferentes] it almost makes me cry. It struck me, especially coming from her because my son was in high school when everyone listened to Lady Gaga and her message was precisely “be yourself.” It was incredible, “Kudrow acknowledged.

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