Josh Duhamel asks Hulu for a job after Jupiter’s Legacy cancellation

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Although it seemed Netflix’s great bet to make up for the lack of superheroes on its platform, not as crowded as others, in the end Jupiter’s Legacy has not convinced, and despite the fact that the queen of streaming usually trusts its series, as it has not achieved its target in the first season, it has finally been canceled.

The official version is that there are “creative differences” between MarK Millar and Netflix, but the truth is that the platform has decided to continue trusting the comic book writer’s creations and has given the green light to a spin-off of Jupiter’s Legacy in real action called Supercrooks. Of course, something that has not relieved the actors of the original series who have already been released from their contracts.

So without any commitments to Netflix ahead, Josh Duhamel, who played Utopian in the series, has decided to show his “gifts” On Instagram to see if another platform hired him to star in another series or superhero movie or, failing that, about Santa Claus.

“When you get kicked off Netflix and you have to look for work again … Sexy summer Santa. How about Hulu? “, Wrote Duhamel next to a photo in which he is seen without a shirt but wearing the hair of his character in Jupiter’s Legacy.

Leslie Bibb, who played Duhamel’s partner in the canceled series, also reacted to the news that there would be no second season by assuring that he would always carry “his family” in his heart and regretting how much he was going to miss them.

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