A fan of Falcon and Winter Soldier recreates the wings of Sam Wilson’s suit with some ingenuity

A fan of Falcon and Winter Soldier recreates the wings of Sam Wilson's suit with some ingenuity

Cinema and television present us with fascinating characters and places, but also adorable animals or creatures or even unique objects that many of us would like to have. Y while Star Wars fans keep trying to recreate lightsabers as faithfully as possible, the Marvel ones try to fly by copying some of the superhero gadgets.

Like the Instagrammer PropWay, a true Marvel fan who after watching the Disney Plus series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, set out to recreate Sam Wilson’s retractable wings, and it looks like he’s succeeded, in their own way…

As you can see in the video he posted on his Instagram, this fan has managed to create a backpack from which both wings come out Falcon that not only stretches, but also collects, and even serves to carry the precious shield of Captain America. Prop Way has clarified that this is only a first look at his invention and that he will soon publish a video on YouTube explaining how he has done it.

But this Marvel fan has not only recreated Sam Wilson’s means of transport, because if we take a look at his account on the social network we can also see awesome Iron Man armor and even Spider-Man’s web-thrower.

It only remains to know if it will also reproduce Loki’s horned helmet now that the new MCU series will arrive on Disney Plus on June 9.

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