A comedian explains why Batman is so cool… because of the ears on his suits!

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Why is Batman so cool? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Is he so cool because he’s a millionaire who has a lot of cool toys to fight evil with? Is it so cool because all those futuristic gadgets start with the word “bat“, What batcave, batmobile, batarang, etc? Is it cool because they do not stop advertising action figures of his person? Because there are a thousand movies and a thousand comics about him? Did you think it was cool for all that? Well, your mistake could not be greater …

Comedian Ryan george He has explained through his Twitter account, @theryangeorge, why Batman is so cool: his ears. The Batman costume is made up of different parts, one of them is the mask that covers his face from the nose to the eyes, and the head and chin, but it has two unique details that make it unique, the ears at the ends. head in homage to bats.

  • Batman with ears = cool
  • Batman without ears = not cool

And so that we better understand his words, Ryan George has shared these images of the Dark Knight from DC in which those elements that make him cool have been taken away:

In response to his tweet there are those who have said that with those images he was describing Midnighter, from DC comics but, although the similarities are evident, they have also corrected him saying that Midnighter at least he wears a cool coat and the round moon logo to accentuate that he is not missing a part of his personality as is the case with Batman.

Other comments have linked the character with Birdman, the film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and starring Michael Keaton making it look like it was shot in a sequence shot, or with The Space Phantom, a character from Hanna-barbera whose similarities with Batman have made him have much more acceptance.

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