The third film of A Quiet Place already has a release date

The third film of A Quiet Place already has a release date

Just a few days after the premiere of the second installment of A peaceful place, a third film has already been confirmed of which it seems that it will become a horror franchise.

Darren lynn bousman, the director of reboot of Saw, I imagined many horror movies in that terrifying world with new installments of Saw Y Spiral, as if it were the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The success of A peaceful place seems to be fostering the same kind of feeling in Paramount, which already provides for the premiere of the next film installment for March 2023.

The first installment of A peaceful place came out in 2018 and directed it John krasinski, with Emily Blunt and himself as protagonists. It was a successful launch and grossed more than $ 340 million worldwide.

On A quiet place 2 Krasinski was exclusively in charge of the direction, but Emily blunt She returned to repeat her role as mother in a family that struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world in which no noise can be made because the creatures that populate it have very fine hearing and can kill them … But that is not the only threat they face in this second part.

The next installment of A quiet place, will replace Krasinski in the direction by Jeff Nichols (Mud, Midnight special, Take Shelter). Nichols has already finished the script for the new film, which will be more of a spin-off based on an original idea by John Krasinski, as confirmed by the director. Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller Y Krasinski are in charge of production, together with Allyson seeger as an executive producer.

For now there are no more details of this new installment, but the rich universe of A peaceful place it can continue to be explored from many angles.

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