First look at the new Captain America debuting in September: a student of Filipino-American descent

First look at the new Captain America debuting in September: a student of Filipino-American descent

Marvel wants to adapt to the times, therefore, in an increasingly globalized and more inclusive world, his comics increasingly include more characters than ever before and that they go beyond the muscular blond American guy on duty and closer to the real population.

That is why we have a Spider-Man of Puerto Rican origin (Miles Morales) or a Muslim superhero (Ms. Marvel) but these are not the only ones, well by having an increasingly international team of artists and creators with different origins, this is clearly reflected in the new stories that the comics tell.

What the new series of The United State of Captain America, which is going to introduce us to a new Captain America Not only is she a woman, but she is also of Filipino origin and a university student, not a military one. An idea from Alyssa Wong, who wanted to reflect her own story in this new Marvel superhero.

“When editor Alanna Smith asked me to create a new Captain America for this series, I immediately knew that I wanted it to be a girl of Filipino origin. There are not many like us in the comics, but I grew up in a Filipino community in the United States, so when I see a Filipino character I always get excited. And having the opportunity to include him in a special Captain America event is very special, “Wong confessed to CBR.

Ari Agbayani is a scholarship student at a very small private university. When she learns that her best friend is being bullied by one of the richest students, Ari sets out to change things. But what can she do when the university is only concerned with keeping its donors happy and half the buildings on campus are named after the bully’s family? In order to beat him, she has to be creative, “Wong explained about the origins of this new Captain America, whose comic series will premiere on September 22 of this year.

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