Skoda Kamiq TSI, vertientes 33

Skoda Kamiq TSI, slopes

It’s a fool’s game. Nothing but a fools game Bonnie Tyler (It’s a Heartache, 1977)

“Look Sophia, the fairies have covered the houses with their silver dust” was my brother Tom and I was six years old. I would hold myself up to the attic window so that I could see how the moonlight reflected off the roofs covered with what only four years later I already know is radioactive dust. I never saw him stop smiling, not even when the supplies ran out and he came out covered with all the clothes we had at home. I covered the exposed parts with aluminum foil until it was finished. When it was over every time I came home I had those parts of my body burned. And then I would take my Aloe Vera plant, cut a tip of a leaf, squeeze it between my fingers and with the liquid I tried to heal the burns. He looked at me and of course he smiled «you are made a real nurse Sofía». At night he sings Cole Porter songs to put me to sleep. I have a hard time sleeping and when I fall asleep I always hear screams. I can still hear his voice singing “Anything goes.” That was Tuesday night. Today is Friday. And Tom has not returned.

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Surely we have already said it more than once, but making a compact car is not easy at all, especially if we want it to be also practical and comfortable. And in this exciting journey of the automotive industry, towards an uncertain future, the history of compact cars has undergone many revolutions and changes. One of these revolutions has been the emergence of SUVs, vehicles with off-road bodywork that first conquered the XL sizes but from which the consumer has then gone on to look for smaller sizes.

Analyzed model Skoda Kamiq
Engine and finish 1.5 TSI 150 CVAmbition DSG
Power 150 hp
Maximum speed 212 Kmh
Acceleration o-100 8.4 s
Long wide high 4241/1793/1531 mm
Maximum power RPM 150 hp 6,000 rpm
Maximum torque Nm / RPM 250 Nm 3,500 rpm
Gearbox 7 speed automatic
Price 23,960 euros

And it is that the SUV type body offers some interesting possibilities to compact cars by offering a higher cabin and therefore more capacity. So compact SUVs are all the rage and that’s why Soda, one of the relatively newcomers to the rush for this type of car, has also made its bet on compact SUVs with its Kamiq. And a bet from Skoda cannot go unnoticed due to its talent for designing well-resolved cars as well as providing unique practical details. Two very important elements for a compact car.

We already had the opportunity to test the Kamiq in its version with a compressed natural gas engine and we already said in that case that we would have liked to test the car with a more powerful engine, to see if in addition to its undoubted talent when it comes to driving around town this model also had it to do it by road with some solvency. That is why we have gone from the 90 horsepower engine powered by CNG to a gasoline engine with a power of 150 horsepower (the most powerful offered by this range of models).

Sibling mix

Externally, as we discussed in its day, the Kamiq captures, on the one hand, the essence of the design of the brand’s SUVs that surpass it in size (like the Kodiaq), especially in the front with the headlights divided into two levels, one upper and one lower, and a grille with an identical shape to its older brother whose metal moldings surround the upper air intake and the headlights forming a unique element.

In the lower part of the front a generous air intake, also inspired by the Kodiaq, and a short spoiler in gray plastic material. On the rear we find the new logo of the brand spread throughout the gate and a design of the light groups that take their inspiration from the design of the Scala. Family air on all sides for a design that as a whole transmits simplicity but also modernity in its lines.

When accessing the interior, we again find ourselves with the feeling that in general in the cars of the Czech brand the space is used very well and the details are taken care of not with luxurious materials and exclusive elements but by transmitting solidity and rationality. As on other occasions, we find good quality finishes and practical solutions without details that stand out but always with the feeling that everything is in its place and works very well.

Skoda Kamiq TSI: Good habitability

Like its cousin the T-Roc, the Skoda Kamiq TSI impresses with the good habitability of the interior, with plenty of space and comfort in the front and good capacity also in the rear seats, where the legroom and a considerable height that allows passengers of a certain size to travel. In this model we also find the spectacular panoramic glass roof that offers an even greater feeling.

Unlike the Kamiq we tested last time, this model had digital instrumentation built in. It is a system that comes from the previous generation of Volkswagen models but that continues to be spectacular both for the quality of the image and for the amount of information it is capable of providing, even showing the navigator map between the two virtual dials that indicate speed and revolutions per minute.

The information and entertainment system is the same that we usually find in Skoda models and it seems to us that it works perfectly. Although it also belongs to the previous generation, it outperforms many supposedly more modern competitor systems. And in some aspects it could even be said that we prefer it to the new systems that Volkswagen mounts, such as in the section on the management of the menus that in this system is more direct and has a good number of touch buttons to access important functions directly and more intuitively.

Good access to the interior

The size of the Kamiq and its height makes access to the squares easier since the doors leave a lot of space to enter and the height of the floor is ideal to comfortably climb or load objects in the rear seats, such as placing a chair childish. In general, the rear seats are comfortable and the seats comfortable for travel. The trunk is not the largest but with 400 liters we have enough to travel and make weekly purchases. In addition, the rear seats can be folded down to achieve a total capacity of an additional 1,000 liters.

As we have pointed out, we have requested the test with one of the most reliable and efficient engines of the VAG group, the 1.5 TSI petrol that produces 150 horsepower. In addition, the model we tested was associated with the seven-speed DSG automatic transmission, another of the illustrious veterans of the group and one of the most pleasant and efficient automatic transmissions. With this combination on paper, the Kamiq accelerates from zero to 100 km / h from 12.5 seconds of the 90 CNG horsepower to 8.4 of this engine. A really big difference.

The first thing you notice as a change between one engine and the other is the smoothness with which the combination of the TSI engine and the DSG transmission deliver the power. Acceleration is determined and progressive. It is not an acceleration that gives sporty emotions, even setting the Sport mode for the behavior of the car, but the acceleration capacity is remarkable in all situations and the automatic transmission system works excellently detecting the acceleration needs as we press. the throttle to shift into the most efficient gear.

Good combination

One of the effects of this good work of the engine / gearbox is that in general the car is much less noisy since it does not need to increase both the revolutions as with the 90 horsepower engine. At the time of demanding a little more and taking the Kamiq to a more veered terrain, the car responds well although not with a touch that invites you to change direction abruptly. It is a very comfortable car for trips on the motorway or on roads that are not mountain, in fact one of the most comfortable that we have tested of a similar size.

Consumption is another of the effects of the power reserve provided by the 150 horsepower engine. In the city and driving slowly, the 90-horsepower engine consumes a little less, but on the highway and with greater demand for power and acceleration, the consumption of the 150-horsepower TSI is lower. In short, it is an engine that adapts very well to the Kamiq and that makes it a remarkably compact SUV road despite its size.


Many times between one motorization and another a car completely changes its personality and in this case if we change the manual gearbox for an automatic one as sophisticated as the one in the car we have tested, the changes are even more remarkable. The Kamiq is undoubtedly one of the most rational and recommended compact SUVs on the market, with an interesting price and well-resolved finishes.

The behavior of the car is really good, very interesting for an SUV. Although it cannot be described as sporty, it does have ideal comfort and behavior for many kilometers. This coupled with good habitability make the Kamiq not only a good car for urban activity but with this version of 150 horses and automatic transmission it can become a perfect travel companion for a small family.

Final assessment



Good space and interior light Good engine / gear response Lots of practical details


Trunk shapes


With the 150 horsepower gasoline engine, the Kamiq loses some savings and is more polluting than the version with Compressed Natural Gas but gains in performance and road spirit.





Infotainment system8


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