The most prominent challenge of week 12 of Fortnite season 6 invites us to loot an artifact in Furtive Fiefdom and another in Coral Castle, and we have a few to choose from, so it will not be excessively complicated.

The greatest difficulty lies in knowing where these artifacts are found in both the Stealthy Fiefdom and the Coral Castle, but luckily we have a few in each of these locations, so as soon as you investigate, you will be able to interact with them to overcome the challenge.

We tell you the location of all the artifacts that we have found in both the Sneaky Fiefdom and the Coral Castle in Fortnite season 6.

Where are all the Sneaky Fiefdom and Coral Castle artifacts in Fortnite season 6 – locations

First we are going to tell you exactly what these artifacts look like, so that when you see them on stage, you will interact with them.

Sneaky Fiefdom artifacts look like this:

Coral Castle artifacts have this design:


Where are all the sneaky fiefdom artifacts


  • Inside a temple, next to a tree that stands out from it, in the southeast area.
  • From the previous one, you have another artifact inside the temple that is just north of the one you just came from.
  • From the previous one, keep moving north, and you will see an artifact next to some temple remains, outside.
  • You have another artifact inside a temple, next to a chest, right in the central area of ​​Stealthy Fiefdom, but a little to the west.

Where are all the coral castle artifacts


  • On a hill, northeast of Coral Castle
  • From the previous one, move west a bit, and look under the water, at the bottom of a structure.
  • In the main temple, in the center of Coral Castle, under the water.
  • From the previous one, go to the other temple that is further south of Coral Castle, enter it, and going through its labyrinthine corridors, you should find another artifact next to a column.

With what interactions with an artifact from each location you will have overcome this challenge of week 12 of Fortnite.

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