Gabriel Chachi, one more victim of suicide, while many influencers ask to raise awareness about mental health

Gabriel Chachi, one more victim of suicide, while many influencers ask to raise awareness about mental health

The day before yesterday, June 1, RRSS of many personalities and influencers they were filled with sad messages and with a clear indication derived to treat mental health. Only a day later many others confirmed it, Gabriel Chachi had died, streamer and YouTuber, but known to all who loved him and who had always had him very close in a special way.

The concern about all this was already palpable yesterday, as Kidi was going to do a live with him and Chachi did not appear. “Surely he has been sleeping somewhere and his cell phone battery has run out, but we have a knot in our stomach. Better be close“Said a friend of hers by streaming, collected thanks to 20 minutes.

But the news was confirmed as tragic in the end, Ibai Llanos was another friend of his and during the last direct on Twitch he said: “I thank you very much that you stopped by today, because I have had the loss of a very close friend who, in fact, is my age. It has been an absolute disgrace“After that, he wanted do the same on Twitter, like other colleagues of his like Mr. Cheeto Y Maxa Pixelskaya.

Always take care of your mental health. Ask for help from the people around you and go to a professional“was the message shared by Ibai through his Twitter account. “I know that sometimes it is complicated or “ashamed” to seek help and tell about problems, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary“, but it’s true and sometimes there is no more way out.

Gabriel Chachi He had been on YouTube since he was 12 years old with his raps, although he had to leave it for bad company as he himself said. Although he returned to his old ways for his funny memes, Chachi was collaborating in internet programs such as Today he does not go out with Ibai Llanos, Me, interneto with Cheeto, Orslok and Darío Eme Hache or How strong, aunt, next to LalaChus or Natalia.

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We also we would like to join the proposalBecause you are never alone, if you feel bad about yourself, go to a professional or close friend. It is true that it can be something to talk about, but in the end getting all that out is the best and it is very necessary. If something like this happens to you, and you’re reading this but you don’t know me, my social networks are open for anything.

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